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This is where the frequently asked questions will appear. It's pretty empty right now so feel free to ask me questions.


My bot keeps saying I don't have the correct configuration?

You need to use the !config command to set up your bot before you can use any of the commands this bot has to offer.

How can I avoid being tracked with this bot or any tracking system out there?

Make sure to read the documentation, I tried to explain a solid method to excluded yourself from these type of tracking systems right here

My bot is stuck, it didn't reply to my command...

We're currently hard at work to iron out most of the bugs, at the rate we're adding features we'll probably never be able to catch all possible issues. Try the command again, if it keeps failing, make sure you're using the correct parameters as stated in the commands documentation.

Can I access the API this bot is running on?

The API is currently fully private to secure the server resources to the bot only. I might release a public API in the future. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me

Can you give me a link to the repository of this bot?

I'm not very open-source minded, for which I apologize. I might release the source code at a later stage. If you're interested, let me know after checking out the technology page. It details most of the stack used to make this bot work, a mediocre or better developer would easily be able to replicate this bot using the same information.